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Morgan Beatbox

MorganBeatbox is an international celebrity beatboxer, who has also won the South African beatbox championships. After being in the entertainment industry for 7 years, Morgan Beatbox is constantly pushing musical boundaries and challenging himself to be multi-faceted. Morgan Beatbox is the only beatboxer worldwide that can produce a mind blowing 8 sounds at the same time.

Morgan Beatbox has worked internationally as well as close to home in countries such as The USA (California), Thailand, Botswana and Zimbabwe where he entertained multi-cultural audiences who each found Morgan a hit.Morgan further solidified his place in the South African entertainment industry when in 2012 he collaborated with The Parlotones in front of 18 000 roaring fans at 947’s Joburg Day, which in 2013 got him hand picked to open for Goldfish at the biggest 947Joburg Day where an estimated 30 000 fans cheered Morgan on.

Morgan has also toured with 5fm’s Afternoon Drive host Roger Goode, performing over 20 shows nationwide, where he performed everywhere from Joburg to Blouberg.

Morgan being well noted for his versatility found it easy to make transitions into different forms of media ranging from Radio adverts to Television. His experiences led him to being a judge on a Television show, which focused on finding new talent within South Africa, the show was aired on SABC 1 and went by the name “Battle Stations”. Morgan has also been featured on multiple Radio Shows from 947’s Breakfast Express to 5FM’s The Fresh Drive.

Charity is also something that is close to Morgan’s beating heart and he is always willing to showcase his talents in order to give back. Morgan finds solace in visiting places all around Johannesburg’s bustling CBD and taking time to not onlyentertain but also to teach those who want to learn his craft. Another lesser spoken about achievement which humbles Morgan, is being asked to perform at well known charitable festivals Lusito Land and Pinkie Fest as a solo artist for 3 consecutive years.

Morgan is an enigma of an entertainer and is best enjoyed live.

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