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Matthew McAloone

The Future is bright… A top Irish comic based in the UK, and one of the 2015 BBC NATY’s, Matthew McAloone can be seen at any of the top clubs, performing or hosting to great acclaim. With credits and compliments from the Comedy Store, The Stand, Glee clubs and more, expect big things from this audience favorite.

With a style that’s part story telling, part observation and a healthy dose of smartarsery (definitely a word), catch him at the next opportunity. And the next one too, no show is the same with Matthew!

“A confident character that obviously revels in a challenge” Comedy Store Manchester

“A Comedic Forest Fire!” Comedy Cafe Theatre, London

“Approaches familiar subjects with a freshness and originality that is unique.  His routine on air travel is one of the best I’ve heard on that subject.” Vladimir McTavish

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