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Marcus Ryan

Perennial globetrotter Marcus Ryan is a gifted storyteller with a natural comic bent and has featured at so many festivals and clubs around the world it’s hard to know where home is these days. One thing’s for sure, he’s right at home on stage. A laid back yet engaging stage presence, Marcus charms his audiences with a sharp wit and tales from the road, having performed in over 35 countries in 5 continents, even gigs in Spanish!

Australian born, Marcus worked on-air in breakfast radio before kicking off his stand-up comedy career in Melbourne. A finalist and runner up in national competitions ‘Raw Comedy’ & ‘Green Faces’ ‘03 secured an invitation to the Edinburgh Fringe the same year, followed by a selection for the coveted Melbourne International Comedy Festivals (MICF) handpicked showcase ‘Comedy Zone’ ’04. With a taste of the UK circuit, it wasn’t long before London became home and travel an even bigger part of his work life. In 2005 he appeared at five major comedy festivals: Melbourne, Hobart, Montreal and again in Edinburgh where he was scouted for the Rising Stars showcase at the Vancouver Comedy Festival.

With a thirst for adventure, the young vagabond embarked on a solo tour of South East Asia making him the first ever comedian to perform in Siem Reap, Cambodia, including an epic 3 hour show in Phnom Penh! This gained the attention of Asian promoters and resulted in further tours of Asia in the coming years.

As well as touring the UK, Western & Eastern Europe, he returned to North America in 2011 where he was selected from over 500 comics across Canada & USA to take part in the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, making him the only act from outside of North America in the event. Winning his heat he made the finals, receiving great recognition from promoters, bookers, & peers, wedging a foot in the door in the US.

Marcus’ debut solo shows ‘Home & Away’ & ‘Neighbours’ were his first return to Australian audiences in 6 years, and followed up with the hit one man show ‘Love Me Tinder’ selling out at the 2014 MICF and again in 2015 with sold out shows in Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne before taking it on tour to the Edmonton Fringe 2015 in Canada.

A lover of music, he is a regular MC at summer festivals in Australia performing to crowds of up to 15,000 people! Marcus has written for and worked in radio & television, interviewed on various podcasts, TV & print, as well as stage acting, writing and performing poetry and performing comedy as an MC, support and headliner worldwide.

Whilst a familiar face in clubs around the UK, Europe & North America, Marcus regularly returns to Australia to play at clubs and festivals nationwide as well as mentoring up and coming comics and appearing live on national television and radio.

Marcus is a well-travelled professional act capable of winning over any audience, in any city in any country. Definitely one to watch!

Marcus has just completed an epic solo voyage throughout Central & South America, bringing English speaking stand-up comedy to cities and countries that have never had comedy before! He will debut his new show ‘¿Hablas Inglés?’ in Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne, Australia in 2017.

Keep up to date with his travel videos, photos, poems, stories & shows on and on Instagram & Twitter @itsmarcusryan


The Stage, UK ★★★★

The Skinny, UK ★★★★

Three Weeks, UK ★★★★

Funny Tonne, Aus ★★★★

Advertiser, Aus ★★★★

Edinburgh Fringe ★★★★

‘Effortlessly funny…unpretentious, informal, belly-laughs-a-minute stand-up’ – ThreeWeeks, UK

‘Marcus Ryan had one of the best lines of the night, brilliantly subverting an established comedic segue…’ ‘He does everything a stand-up’s supposed to do’ – Chortle, UK

‘With skill and deft timing he hit the mark with fine observations on his global travels’ – The Skinny, UK

‘Marcus Ryan came with a well-honed act, good, solid, funny stuff delivered with a great deal of personality’ – Edinburgh Evening News, UK

‘Had Australian comic Marcus Ryan been headlining, most people would still have been happy. His free-flowing delivery and exceptional take on standard stand-up material is worth catching at any time. One minute he is delivering accurate observations of Australian and British differences, the next depicting modern social networking tools as a dysfunctional family.’ – Edinburgh Evening News, UK

‘Marcus Ryan has good stories delivered with a good sense of humour; he keeps good company; he’s got a good kind of handicap, which lends itself to good looks… Hell, he’s just good value plain and simple’ – Inpress, Aus

‘Good enough to make a packed room laugh and that speaks for itself… …Ryan, strong enough to hold the crowd… …the future’s in good hands.’ – The Chaser, Aus

‘Marcus Ryan is very witty and his comedy very casual, original and observational. He marries an Aussie charm with great storytelling ability – and possesses a talent for mimicry, which he uses to evoke accents from different parts of the world. A creative and engaging comedian, this man is not to be missed for any lover of impressionism and character comedy.’ – ★★★★ Prashant Sekhani, Edinburgh Fringe.

Comedy Festivals:

Edinburgh – 2003, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 12

Melbourne – 2000, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 10, 11, 14, 15

Edmonton – 2015

Adelaide – 2011, 15

Hobart – 2005

Vancouver – 2005

Montreal – 2005

Brighton – 2009, 12

Music Festivals

Pyramid Rock – 2010, 11, 12

Trevor – 2013

Ales on the Ovens – 2013

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