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Liam Bento

Cape Town Based comedian, Liam Bento has been in the comedy game since 2010, starting off as one of a stable of comedians at Jokers Comedy Club with the likes of Kagiso ‘KG’ Mokgadi and Carl Weber, then going on to perform at some of the hottest spots in Cape Town including Zula Bar, Purple Turtle and becoming a regular support act at Cape Town’s premiere comedy venue Jou Ma Se Comedy Club.

He has also performed with some of the biggest names in SA and International comedy, such as Mark Lottering, Kurt Schoonraad and US comic Christopher Titus, and also appeared on DSTV’s Comedy Central Arica, as a guest comic on Comedy Central Live at Parker’s alongside Stuart Taylor.

From relationships and marriage, to awkward social interactions with his mother, Liam’s brand of comedic social commentary is brought to audiences in a laid back ‘Stand & Deliver” style, and focuses on the everyday things we all take for granted, never talk about and yet, can all relate to.

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