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Khanyiso Kenqa

Khanyiso Kenqu was born in Langa Township in Cape Town, to a taxi boss father and police officer mother. He credits his parents “odd couple” status with putting him on the path to standup comedy.

Through his energetic, fast-paced delivery of gags and stories, Khanyiso has a refreshing take on South African life, from politics and social issues, to observations of the everyday, many with a unique twist inspired by his experience working as a TOUR GUIDE! His “lost in translation” pieces are always a crowd favorite and his take on different nationalities he meets.

Khanyiso performs regularly on the comedy circuit and corporate events in front of diverse audiences , all roaring with laughter.

He also has had the opportunity to open for the legendary Nik Robinowitz on his one-man show “What the EFF?”

Apart from his standup work Khanyiso has performed in numerous commercials including the Suthern Sun “You’ve Arrived” campaign, the Vodacom”Goes Red” ad and a Spur Restaurants ad. His corporate campaign experience includes working on a Nokia project. He has also featured in SA sitcoms, Stokvel, Going Up again and the drama series “Interrogation Room”.

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