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Jessica Michelle Singleton

Internationally touring comedy phenom, Jessica Michelle Singleton has gained worldwide fans with her debut comedy al- bum “Please. Don’t. Leave. Me.” which reached #1 on iTunes ahead of veteran comedians such as Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan. The album is currently being consider for a Grammy.

Jessica Michelle has been a featured guest on Ari Shaffir’s

“Skeptic Tank”, has opened for the legendary George Wal- lace. And can be heard regularly on Sirius XM. She is the headliner for the three person Road Kill Comedy Tour Series, a self-produced national comedy tour which is currently being

developed as a television docu-series.

In 2013, Singleton became the first English speaking female to perform at the prestigious Mon- treux Comedy Festival in Switzerland. From there she was appointed their inaugural Am- bassador for the U.S. & Canada for the #Jokemation International Showcase which launched in December 2015. and features comedy giants from all over the world. Singleton was the only fe- male ambassador, as well as the youngest.

A finalist on Comcast’s “Trial By Laughter” series, Singleton was also a top performer in the Cabo, Laughing Skull, Bridgetown, and SLO Comedy Festivals among several others.

Jessica Michelle Singleton has created a unique style of comedy that combines extremely random thoughts and observations with unparalleled vulnerability through personal stories from her real life and what some people refer to as a hyperactive, slightly deranged imagination.

“A true stand-up comedian, and a very talented one…very funny.”

– Michael Cox, booker for The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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