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Francois van As

Born and bred in the bustling metropolis of Bredasdorp but lacking the mentality that ensures one’s survival in such a treacherous environment, Francois seeked refuge in writing and music from a young age.

He first picked up the guitar in High School and has since played in a number of bands and wrote numerous songs for Afrikaans artists, the embarrassment of which he will without a doubt take to his grave.

He started combining comedy with music almost 4 years ago, singing exclusively in Afrikaans for the first two years of his comedy career. He has since incorporated many English words into his set and is reaping the benefits.

He has performed at Kknk, Aardklop, Vryfees, Grahamstown festival and Cape Town Comedy Club.

He still regularly pinches himself on occasions when he shares the stage with all these cool people he always saw on TV.

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