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Devin Gray

Comedian Devin Gray is set to take local comedy stage by storm…or something like that…

At the mostly tender age of 23 Cape Town-based comedian and master word smith Devin Gray shows comedic prowess wiser than his years. Having cut his proverbial teeth on the comedy circuit at the age of 16, Gray has already rubbed shoulders with some of the South Africa and the world’s best comedians, and won the Best Up-and-Coming Philips Comedy Style Award in 2013.

From a young age, Gray knew he was destined for the comedic stage. That and he hasn’t found anything he’s better at. “My comedy career is fuelled by the desire to prove my Grade 7 English teacher wrong,” says Gray. “She said that being a clown would never get me anywhere in life.” The mere sight of a clown sends Gray into fits of hysteria so he opted to steer clear of face paints and take to the stage with his sharp wit and observational skills instead.

Resonating with audiences of all age groups, Gray’s career has already seen him perform on almost every comedic platform within South Africa as well as a few appearances in Europe.

Deriving his comedic sense from the world around him, and through his own opinion on how things happen and why, Gray shares with audiences stories that will leave them thinking “Now that’s funny…sad but funny!” When Gray takes to the stage it’s impossible not to love him, and when he’s off the stage he is equally loveable. [Against his publicist’s recommendations, this line shall remain in this press release.]

When not occupying his time being South Africa’s most loveable comedian, Gray divides his time between hobbies that see him take revenge on those that have wronged him in the past and eating ice cream. No particular flavour, just as long as it’s ice cream.

Gray has appeared on the following stages across South Africa:

  • Comedy Central (2015 and present)
  • Cape Town Comedy Club (2013 to present)
  • Major music festivals (2013 to present)
  • Jive Funny Festival (2014)
  • Parkers Comedy Club (2011 to present)

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