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Darren Amos

Darren Amos is a former call center operative with a speech impediment, turned construction chancer. Strangely enough, he uses figures of speech as building blocks to transform our obtuse view of life. And if talking doesn’t work, be sure, he will even attempt singing.

Darren shakes up audiences across the greater Cape however his performances stretch from the illustrious Cape Town Comedy Club to the famous Parker’s at Monte Casino, after he pursued the craft in the Spring of 2013. As an actor, he has had featured roles in cinema productions such as “I now Pronounce you Black and White” and along with a star studded comedic cast in “Copposites” that were enjoyed across the country by many South Africans.

Imagination, invention and illustration are his tools, as he takes you from one moment to the next… Rob, kill or steal, but find a way to see one of Cape Town’s finest, upcoming talents.

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