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Cokey Falkow

Since starting in the late 90s, Cokey Falkow established himself as one of South Africa’s premier stand-up acts. Appearing at a wide variety of clubs and numerous international comedy festivals, he gathered a cult following. This led to 3 national one-man tours for which Cokey received critical acclaim at Grahamstown National Arts Festival. Cokey was then flown to London to perform in the South African Comedy Festival in London, which ran at the Riverside studio theatre in Hammersmith for 5 weeks. Cokey also produced international comedy festivals in his hometown of Durban where he introduced Russell Peters to South Africa.

Cokey has worked extensively filming both worldwide commercial campaigns and a wide array of supporting roles in international film. After appearing in Starshop Troopers and NCIS, Cokey is now best known internationally for his role as El Aleman in Robert Rodriguez and Robert Orci’s Matador. After 6 years in the US, where he played The Comedy Store regularly and was well known on the improv circuit, Cokey moved from LA to the UK in 2014 and is now making a name for himself there.

“Comedy doesn’t get better than this!” Cape Times.
“Absolutely bloody hysterical” Independent on Saturday.
“Raunchily hilarious” Mail and Guardian.
“The thinking man’s comic” Elle magazine.

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