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CJ Benson

All the way from the streets of Lotus River in Cape Town, standup comedian Calvin Benson or “CJ Benson” as he is known to his peers was inspired to do standup comedy based on a dare.  His comedy is drawn from his experiences and observations of everyday life including that of family and friends. He does not consider him to be a standup comedian but more a “humour distribution manager”. Since he broke out onto the comedy circuit in April 2011 he has performed in front of numerous crowds big and small and has always left with the same results: laughs and lots of it.

In only a few months on the circuit he won the Jokers Comedy Club Open Mic Competition where his prize was to perform at the prestiges “Jou ma se comedy club” & has been back there to perform on numerous occasions. Also in 2011 he performed alongside Alan Committie, Rob van Vuuren & Mark Banks at the very first “Fugard Fest of Comedy”.  In 2013 he performed at a charity gig called the “Comedy & Jazz on the greens” which was in aid of the save the Douglas Murray Home Campaign.  In the same year he also went on to become the winner of the “Chilli Bar Comedy Grand Challenge”.  Currently he is also performing at various gigs associated to the “Grandslots comedy showcase”

He has had the honour and privilege to share the stage with great comedic acts and has walked away taking more than giving. He is humbled by the fact that people are willing to listen to what he has to say, and how he views things. He is definitely looking forward to what the year still has ahead for him and is working hard at his craft which is to make people laugh.

Cape Town look out for this “humour distribution manager

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